Face of Swank is a subsidiary of Swank Integrated Concept developed out of passion to give back to the society an opportunity to bring in their talents and creativity and to create a means of livelihood opportunity for young ladies.

Swank Integrated Concept whose primary goal is excellent customer service has decided to give back a portion of its profits to the young, talented and skilled ladies in other to empower and encourage young ladies to do more with their talents and also encourage them to show their best and use it rightfully.

The quest of knowing the right and deserving people to reward has led us into the beauty pageant world where an unlimited equal opportunity is given to every candidate to proudly show her talents and claim a reward for it.

The purpose of a beauty pageant is to encourage community service and to provide both educational and career opportunities to all participants, these and many more is what we are here to offer.

What is the Winner’s Benefits

The winner automatically has been empowered to influence any category of people in the society, the status of a beauty queen comes with so much ecstasy and glory and commands respect which the winner uses to her own advantage, with the reward of a car, cash prize and job opportunity, she can carry out effective community service in the name of the brand and also work diligently towards her personal development and building her career

What the Contestants Stands to Benefit

So many ladies who never won a beauty pageant has had a life changing opportunity (the likes of Linda Ikeji and co), the public gets to see their talents and skills and can make positive offers to them, this also builds up their self confidence, unlocks their capabilities and helps them to aim higher, lastly, the exposure helps them to shape up their life and make good life decisions.

What the Society Benefits

The purpose of a beauty pageant is to encourage community services as they have a platform that grants the winner easy access to help any group of people in the society, they also serve as a voice to the young ladies, youth, children, women and society at large as they have the power and access to render a voice that can be heard and be acted upon

What Does Swank Concept Benefit?

Swank integrated concept as a profit oriented business stands a chance to reach out to a large audience and also the opportunity to instigate proper product knowledge in the minds of his consumers through the crowned queen who becomes an ambassador of the company.

Therefore every sponsor shares equal opportunity and benefit as swank concept limited  because as a partner, sponsors are being advertised and get to be published on the maiden magazine , every sponsoring brand will gain a wide publicity and stands a great chance to make great positive changes in their business or area of interest.